Burgers, Hotdogs & Sides

  • The Classic

    • $10.00

    Classic Vienna pork sausage, with crispy fried onions with your choice of sauce.

  • The German Dog

    • Recommended $14.00

    Premium pork bratwurst with house made sauerkraut & mustard.

  • The Danish Dog

    • $14.00

    Pork cheese kranski with crispy fried onion, Crispy bacon bits, with your choice of sauce.

  • The Aussie Dog

    • $14.00

    Classic beef sausage with melted cheese, crispy fried onions, topped with your choice of sauce.

  • The Chilli Dog

    • $16.00

    Chilli sausage covered in house made chilli, jalapenos, choice of curry ketchup or sour cream.

  • The Veggie Dog

    • $14.00

    A veggie sausage, onion relish, sautéed vegetables fresh spinach & thinly chopped chives.         

  • Sausage Platter

    • $27.00

    5 prime dogs, bratwurst, chilli kranski, cheese kranski, Vienna & beef sausage served with sauerkraut & your choice of sauce.

  • Classic Cheeseburger

    • $14.00

    Chargrilled beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce & tomato, topped with mayo, juicy pickles, red onion & choice of sauce, toasted brioche bun.

  • Loaded Aussie Burger

    • $17.50

    The classic burger loaded with the Aussie stuff, beetroot, crispy bacon, fried egg & choice of sauce.

  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger

    • $12.00

    Fried chicken schnitzel sitting on crunchy lettuce & mayo, with fresh tomato, & choice of sauce, in a toasted brioche bun.