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Our Story

Oui oui,

For too long the humble Aussie sausage and bread has been corrupted by ingredients of mysterious quality and origins. Established in 2013, 'Wassup Dog' was born to bring the City of Fremantle a real hotdog. A sausage sizzle revolution whereby common beliefs about the so called ‘junk food’ are eradicated!

Wassup Dog began grilling the sausages with one lone hotdog cart, a classic New York street cart imported straight from the Big Apple. We started chasing markets, festivals, corporates, weddings, birthdays and more. Yet Wassup Dog’s main goal was to follow bands around local bars feeding the crowds on their long nights out.

So whats in a dog? Everyone knows, 'The Best’, a fresh daily baked whole meal bread, slightly toasted with some classic tomato sauce on top.

Our 100% organic beef is sent up weekly from Margaret River to the finest butcher in Swanbourne - Jeremy’s Butcher. We developed the perfect ratio of lean to fat so when we butterfly them they stay crispy on both sides while remaining juicy in the middle.

To add freshness we use crispy mixed lettuce on one side, on the other, slow cooked corn, capsicum and onions. All that GOODNESS comes together with our special homemade garlic aioli (stolen from Jules’ dad - Fifi The Chef - and brought to Australia). If you like some spice in your life, help yourself to our famous homemade smoked chili sauce, by our friend Rodrigo at The Arepa Movil Catering Company. 

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